Episodes and Releases

When will the next Episode be out?
When it’s ready to go. Any official dates for releases will be posted on our social media, but besides that we will never give specific dates.

Do you have a schedule for the Episodes?
At the moment, no. We aim to have an Episode released roughly every two months, but DLC releases and other external factors can affect that timing.

How many episodes will the game have?
We are working with a 10 Episode plan, but we reserve the right to extend that if the need arises.



Are you taking new writers/artists?
No. If we ever open a position again, we will be sure to make an announcement for it, but we have no plans of changing our team for now or the foreseeable future.



Can I create fanart or fanfiction of Andromeda Six and it’s characters?
Yes, absolutely. In fact, we encourage it, and love seeing your creations.

Can I sell/take commissions for A6 fanfiction?
No. Under no circumstances do we allow A6 fanfiction to be sold or created for profit.

Can I sell/take commissions for A6 fanart?
Yes, under specific conditions. A6 fanart may only be distributed as a single, unique two-dimensional image for a single commissioner. You may not create or sell fanart with the intent for it to reproduced.



Will there ever be a character creator in the game?
It’s something we’re considering doing once the game is finished and we repackage it as a full game, however that is not definite, and it won’t happen before that in any case.

Will Andromeda Six be released on Steam?
We have no plans for that at the moment, but it may be something we look into once the game is complete.


For any other questions or queries, please contact us at support@wanderlust-games.com